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Physics Lab

Encouragement of confidence through education

The BVM physics lab helps a student determine the theory's applicability. It helps pupils understand the subject's fundamental ideas more clearly. The distinction between theory and application is understood by the students. A student might improvise their approach to the subject with the assistance of the physics lab. Students gain patience and caution through the thorough observation and inference-making practiced in physics lab experiments. Most experiments that are conducted are ones that are in line with the curriculum.

Chemistry Lab

We Achieve the Extraordinary Together

All chemistry courses must have a lab component in order to give experiments their proper place in the curriculum and to encourage an experimental culture across the educational system. The chemistry lab requires students to engage in a creative interaction of observation, experimentation, and theoretical assumptions. The use of scientific tools, making observations, and interpreting and deriving conclusions from facts observed are all skills that students learn. According to the requirements of the CBSE curriculum, even the most fundamental techniques and procedures, like inorganic and organic analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, are handled in such a passionate and effective manner that they not only help students adapt to various changes related to health, nutrition, environment, industries, weather, etc.

Biology Lab

Commitment to excellence

Our school's biology lab is furnished with all of the most modern equipment needed for biology instruction. The lab is a particularly interesting site for students of all ages because it also offers a variety of charts illustrating various themes and is a museum with many preserved specimens of flora and animals. The kids' fascination with the human skeleton makes it the most appealing aspect of our biology lab. Under the direction of knowledgeable lecturers and with the aid of microscopes and slides, the students delve into the secret realm of biology. Our lab is constantly bustling with creative activity because of the eager students working on various scientific projects there.

Language Lab

A Chance for Lifelong Learning

The language lab is a fantastic resource for honing one's speaking abilities and getting feedback on them in any language. It offers the option for the learner to hear a model pronunciation, imitate it, record it, listen to their performance, compare it to the model, and do self-evaluation.

Maths Lab

Learning without Limits

Our goal at BVM School's mathematics department is to make math a more useful and engaging subject. This chance is provided by the contemporary and well-equipped mathematical laboratory we have. Students can use technology tools to learn and explore mathematical ideas, as well as to check facts and theorems. Activities involving paper folding and crafts are used to help pupils understand various concepts. With the assistance and direction of their lecturers, the students are encouraged to think, discuss, and digest ideas in the laboratory.

Computer Lab

Grow, Learn, and Achieve together

In today's interconnected world, computers play a big part. Each student has access to a computer to learn more about technology. These young engineers can see farther into the future thanks to their theory and practical lessons. Teachers take great care to give their students the knowledge they need to face the rapidly changing world with confidence and grace. The availability of the Internet has created opportunities for learning on an infinite scale. The school offers a good selection of educational software coupled with a 24/7 fast broadband internet connection and offline UPS for system backup.


Activity Based Learning

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