Learner’s Paradise

BVM International School

BVM International School is a learning haven where kids can enroll and aim for excellence. We take great satisfaction in the high caliber of our educational offerings, the professionalism of our staff, the zeal of our students, and the substantial help given by parents and the local community.

  • Aiming Excellence
  • Best Opportunities
  • Exciting Environment
  • Quality Education
  • Academic Success
  • Best Mentors

Since we are an open school, we actively encourage everyone in the student body to get involved.

Happy Parents

Together, we can change the world.

A Home of Education where Students are Blessed with a Ladder to Success!

We intend to provide a useful and kid-focused environment where learning is fun. Our school strives to help children realize who they are and also maximize each student's potential.

In BVM International School, we can inspire our kids to acquire knowledge, express themselves creatively, communicate
 effectively, and have a positive attitude toward life.

Steps for Enrollment

Educating Children For Their Bright Future

Education, Inspiration, Success

The campus of the BVM is made to accommodate the requirements of developing, young children. To make learning enjoyable for children, we provide a helpful environment.


Values Which Enhance The Future


Our school is dedicated to providing children with a quality education and a successful future.


Delivering excellence to improve students' career and educational opportunities


We take responsibility to provide the best education, morals, and values for our


We give kids the motivation and support they need to develop in order to have a prosperous future.


We give kids fantastic opportunities to develop and flourish into their full potential.


Excellent mentoring and education enable us to support children's continued growth.

A Place Where Talent Meets Excellence

Delivering Outstanding Mentorship and High-Quality Education

BVM monitors the children's growth and development

We put a lot of effort into building dependable connections with our students so they can grow in their independence, self-assurance, and academic knowledge.

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Education, Inspiration, Success


BVM International school is a place of learning that inspires the brightest of our children to discover, create, communicate, and have a positive outlook on life. We think that education should include more than just dumping information into a container—it should involve starting a fire.


To help our students better understand the theoretical material we teach in our classes, we arrange extracurricular activities.


School sports help all children learn integrity, sportsmanship, equality, collaboration, responsibility, health, and welfare as part of their entire education.


Students are allowed to foster their social, emotional, cultural, mental, and physical development while learning in an environment that is secure, loving, and conducive to order.


Establishing a practical, child-centered environment and means of transportation that make learning and travelling enjoyable

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    Contact Info

    • Barnala-Khuddi Road, Barnala - 148101, Punjab, India
    • Email: [email protected] Call Us: +91 6239821158
    • Monday - Saturday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM

    Contact Info

    Barnala-Khuddi Road, Barnala – 148101, Punjab, India

    Email: [email protected]

    Call Us: +91 6239821158

    Monday – Saturday08:00 AM – 03:00 PM