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Cricket Coaching

Cricket is a team sport that teaches kids and teenagers a variety of skills necessary to cultivate a long-lasting passion for exercise and sport. It is enjoyable, and welcoming, and offers a variety of chances for participation.

Martial Arts

Martial arts lessons teach the value of self-discipline to kids, youths, and adults. Students who take martial arts lessons get used to organization and direction. Students must focus on the task at hand and block out distractions in the regimented setting.  


Volleyball is a game that demands quick thinking. You must constantly remain alert and avoid wasting any time because doing so will cause you to drop the ball. You must practice maintaining attention and keeping your eye on the ball. You must act swiftly when playing because the game advances so quickly.

Basket ball

You can partake in a sort of aerobic exercise by playing basketball. You engage in activities that support cardiovascular training and increased endurance. The game raises your resistance to heart disease and other illnesses like stroke and helps you develop a healthy heart.


Kids who skate can improve their balance and coordination. They learn how to smoothly stop and start while maintaining control over their pace and direction. These are necessary abilities for many sports, not just skating! Skating is a terrific tool to help kids advance in life.


The boredom of the classroom can be broken up by music classes. Students can relax and take a break from their classes thanks to it. Because music and language are so intimately intertwined, taking music classes in school can enhance and promote language development.

Dance (Folk & Classical)

In the early years, learning dance has just as much value as learning math, science, or a foreign language. In fact, it encourages achievement and success. It is a crucial component of the curriculum at BVM School. Generally speaking, dance is an effective instrument for fostering many of the ideal qualities in a growing youngster.

Art & Craft

Learning arts and crafts help children not only to develop their creativity but also helps them advance and improve their fundamental abilities, which in turn helps them perform better in school. Kids can cultivate their creativity through art, which is beneficial for them throughout their life.

Personality development

A child's participation in school-related activities affects both their personality and their behavior. BVM In addition to providing instruction, the school is charged with molding a student's personality and character. Students who are urged to only concentrate on academics are illiterate and insecure.


It aids in the improvement of memory retention and fine motor abilities. According to studies, youngsters retain a word's spelling considerably better when they write it out by hand. Therefore, practicing calligraphy and handwriting is undoubtedly a fantastic way to enhance memory retention and fine motor abilities.

Coding & Robotics

Coding is the act of writing in computer language. Students can improve their cognitive, logical, and critical thinking skills by learning to code. Robotics systems offer various advantages to students, including teamwork, visual programming, and problem-solving.


BVM International School is a learning haven where kids can enroll and aim for excellence.

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